1. Custom Mouse & Rat Models

    KO, KI, Conditional KO, Humanized, Transgenic

    Advanced TurboKnockout, CRISPR, PiggyBac technology

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  2. Cyagen Catalog Models

    Over 10k KO and cKO Ready-to-use Mouse Models

    100% Pure B6 Background

    Delivered in 3 Months

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  3. Drug Development Models

    Metabolic Disease Model

    Tumor Models

    Immunodeficient Mice

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  4. Custom Cell Lines

    KO, KI, Point mutation, Overexpression

    Advanced CRISPR technology

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  5. Animal Models Supporting Service

    Breeding, Cryopreservation,

    Phenotypic analysis

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Technical Bulletins
About Cyagen
Cyagen is the world's largest provider of custom-engineered mouse and rat models. As an expert on animal genetic modification, Cyagen is well known for its services with top quality, full guarantees, and budget-friendly prices. Additionally, Cyagen offers a comprehensive series of stem cell products, including cell lines, media, and differentiation kits, for research in diseases treatment and regenerative medicine.
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Why Work With Cyagen?
  • Over 17 years of experience in animal genetic modification and custom model generation
  • Working with over 7,000 bioscience institutions worldwide
  • Over 50,000 mouse & rat models with on-time delivery
  • Over 9,000 citations in SCI journals
  • AAALAC accredited facility that can house up to 250,000 SPF animals
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